There is a certain list of requirements which are applied to each web site. First, the web site design should be impressive, innovative and eye-catching; it will make your company outstanding and presentable. Second, the web site should be user-friendly as the users should feel comfortable and be sure that they are taken care of.

Establishing a strong online presence is a challenge in today's competitive ever moving world.We consider and revise all customers needs, requirements, preferences and likings and suggest unique solution for them including outstanding and pleasant front end and easy to use and navigate backend. Whether it is a simple personal web page or a complicated business solution, our main goal is to provide superior and unique design and branding services which will help to drive businesses of all sizes and for all tastes.

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HTML5 is now increasingly used in various internet browsers and cross platform mobile applications , smart phones and tablets for enhanced depiction of style and substance. Our services offer a variety of add-ons and features which can make a HTML5 website compelling and powerful.

Softonia Infotech sets a perfect balance combining the strengths of implementing latest advances in technology with clean and user friendly interface for creating better user experience without compromising on presenting the business goals and objectives of your company.
We leverage HTML5 features to deliver enchanting visuals and useful functions with enhanced context menus, highly direct graphics canvas, advanced communication channels, exceptional semantics, well-embedded audio/ video, iframes and branded style.

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Flash is a state of the art technology that caters to both design and programming aspects of a Website.In other words, both static and dynamic Websites can be created using Flash design and programming, without having to rely on any server side scripting languages like , PHP etcThe use of simple HTML is not enough. A balanced amalgamation of Flash with HTML will draw more visitors to your site.

Softonia Infotech is offering customized web design service to the world wide clientèle.Now a days, demand for Flash based web site is increasing. You need a reliable company to design your corporate or personal web site, for professional yet affordable service. We have a team of experienced and talented professionals to offer you Flash based web design according to your requirements. Using Flash we can make your presentation have videos, audio, interactive graphs and what have you. What’s more, the presentations itself can be made interactive with an ability to accept data from the user.

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Softonia Infotech is a professional logo design company located in Vadodara, India. We specialized in creating affordable custom business logo design for start-ups to established organizations. Our designing process has been strategically developed to produce highly appealing business logos that will give your business instant recognition.Our creative team will develop unique logos to meet your business needs

Our Logo Artists have designed logos for a wide variety of functions including small businesses and corporate entities marketing logo design, product logo designing, internet business logos and web logo designs, fancy, flashy, stylish, classical, and modern logo designs, print logos, stationary designs, festival logos, seasonal logo designs, and party logo designs.

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Now a days a Brochure can be view as small catalogue which serves as a form of printed advertisement meant to be widely distributed typically in public places. It becomes one of major advertising tool for business organizations which allow businessmen to communicate all that they wish their potential as well as present customers to know that too at an affordable price. Having a clear purpose is a must for designing an impressive brochure.

To provide visually pleasing and informative both at the same time it often hard to achieve.So it always preferable to intricate task of designing an eye-catching brochure is given to professionals like us who specialize in brochure design services. Our team of graphic designers believes that it is a good design that gets rewarded in the long run. They use the latest technology so that you get the best quality work.

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