ERP  (Enterprise Resource Planning)

For any implementation partner, it is very important to understand the core business process and the best business practice. In other way we take responsibility of transformation of the management core business and vision in to the reality through ERP software which can generate the MIS as per the need of the manamgnt.

Our backbone (Father) has a vide experience to work with TCS, KPIT, YASH TECHNOLOGY (as an implementation Partner ) for the world best ERP Oracle –Business Suit and SAP ECC 6.0 end to end successful implementation for discrete and process inventory both . His constantly guidance to us play an important role in the deliverance. Think about the situation you have a luxury car and you don’t have a direction and proper driver what will be the situation? We drive your business in the proper direction and keep you free to enjoy the investment made hassle free. In other way, we ensure to utilize all of your resources at optimum level .

Our heart of the service is to provide the complete support throughout the implementation. Friends any ERP implementation is nothing but a systematic and sequential approach to understand and convert the core business process in to the IT SOFTWARE and then to get the real time information to run the business. Each and every steps of the implementation is very important. Any short cut in the process have a huge impact in the result .Out service ensure that , all steps of the implementation are taken care and GAP identify are not going to impact the core or day to day business process.

The success of any software is depend how easily it is accepted by the bottom line team who actually work for the day to day operation.

Sometimes we know that, inspite of the excellent implementation / test result the ERP is not been adopted by the end user easily or the acceptance of the software is very less. This happened because of configuration is made without proper understanding of the business or without considering the practical difficulty comes in way of the day to day operation.

The thirty plus years of industrial experience makes us different than others because we know / predict various practical difficulties coming in the way of live wires (End users) to operate the system. We are known for the design of easy, understable and simple business flow for the ERP which increase the ratio of the acceptance .To understand the business and to design the same in simplest and common acceptance, practicable way is our strength. We take care of the participation of all key members at each level which gives the feeling of own software across the organization rather than the management decision forced on the employer. ( Pl see the attachment )

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Why you should adopt SOFTONIA special service for ERP implementation:

  • Technical support in the selection of the software. We don’t involve in the commercial terms and conditions.
  • Technical support in the selection of the implementation partner from the short list decided by the organization. We provide the confidential SOWT analysis.
  • The cost is negligible against the payback.
  • Industry can implement ERP once in life time. Any failure has a huge impact in the growth plan of the organization. Our service takes care of the success.
  • Lot of undesired expenses is made in the name of the ERP implementation. We take care of removing the undesired expenses which its self made our service almost free of cost .( Return of investment made to us )

Technical benefit to use our service:

  • We take care of the review of the total project running in time. If any delay is observed, we suggest management alternative action plan to avoid the delay in project.
  • The core team and the management are experts in the business process where as the software tram are expert as IT front. We have a thirty years plus industrial experience along with the end to end implementation experience of SAP /OEACLE successfully for the company having sales 40 cr to 1000 cr.
  • We have an experience of do and not to do which we share in well advance to the manamgnet and the team during each stage which reduce the total time of the implementation.
  • We ensure that each stage of the implementation are taken care.
  • We addressed the GAP analysis in proper manner.
  • We take care of the Business Process Re engineering where ever require.
  • We take care of proper and adequate training for each function .In proper training is one of the major reasons of the failure of the ERP.
  • We guide the team how to keep track for the difficulty observed post implementation and the corrective action plan to avoid the repeating of the issue. This result more accurate result in shortest time.
  • Often, various members of the core team leaves the job and enchase the market value .We help the organization keep the second line ready (Also support) to protect against the risk.
  • More important we consider the long term vision of the organization and create the base during the implementation so that in feature company can add on the additional module, plant etc easily without any change in the existing process.
  • We take care of the standerdation of the process.
  • We take care of the culture change happened at organization side.
  • We take care of the confidential and transparent report at each important stage of implementation. This gives management freedom from the tension of the ERP implementation which ultimately provide the top managed more time for business decision as per normal way.

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